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Our Communication Commitment

At The Renaissance Group, we believe that proactive and responsive communication is a key to developing relationships built on mutual trust and respect. We also know that you do not have unlimited time to speak with or meet with your financial advisor, so we make every effort to honor your communication preferences.

As your personal financial advisors, we communicate with you in the manner and with the frequency that you desire. While we encourage face-to-face meetings at least semiannually, we are always available for more frequent consultations, or by phone and email.

It is our policy to return phone calls and email as promptly as possible. Since we work together as a team, if you are unable to contact your personal financial advisor with an urgent matter, one of our other partners will step in to assist you. Our commitment is to ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met at all times.


We also have several newsletters that will help keep you informed between meetings with your financial advisor. You may elect to receive these via email.

These include:

  • The Independent Investor
  • Weekly Market Commentary
  • Quarterly Market Insights