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Reading List 2023

November 14, 2023

There was a time, long past when I could read some Arabic, speak it better. I lived in KSA, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for three years and in Turkey for one. Travelled extensively throughout the Moslem world. North Africa. The Levant. Central Asia. East Asia. I lived and worked as an observer. Of humanity. Of…


         Of late I have struggled with recent events. Hamas has brutally attacked, tortured, killed more than 1,400 Israeli citizens. (Isn’t it odd that Snopes has yet to come to terms with their own comeuppance, still refusing to belief or prove these horrific acts of terror?) You can only watch for a very few seconds at the young men from Gaza and their go-cam images taken in joy and exultation, shouting Allah Akbar, using dead Israelis’ cell phones to show their parents in Gaza what they have done while being praised by those same parents for their jihadi job well done.


         In the streets of global cities, in the halls of our universities and in our high schools we see each day the ‘protestors’ with their signs, we hear their irredentist chants. Demanding the extermination of a people. Wishing more horrific deaths upon the innocent. Berating others for a less vainglorious exuberance.


         How could this be? We thought anti-Semitism was crushed in the aftermath of WWII. The camps, the survivors, their stories of horror beyond belief. The United Nations was formed upon the ashes of Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen and dozens of other camps. The summer of love in 1968 has become the fall of humanity in 2023.


         As one who loves books, words and research, I began investigating. I share with you here my findings. The reading list of ‘martyrs from Gaza’ and our universities. Many thanks to Ms. Ofira Seliktar of U of Penn, author of Slaying the Little Satan, Iran’s War Against Israel. The authors of the first three books were forced out of Al Qaeda for ‘excessive violence’, formed ISIS and are willing servants of Iran.


  1. Jurisprudence of Blood
    1. One of three jihadist bibles. An Islamic justification of inflicting extreme violence.
  2. Management of Savagery
    1. The second in a bloodthirsty series. Beheadings and burning of infants while still alive will attract global attention to the glory of Islam
  3. The Koranic Principle of War
    1. The ultimate insult. Westernized rules of war are to be exploited with the deaths of Gazan women and children as human shields. Kill and kill and kill again until all are dead.
  4. The Koran
    1. Submission is the first and only rule. A guidebook of horrors committed hundreds of years ago and continued with reverence today
  5. Das Capital
    1. ‘The foundational theoretical text in materialist philosophy and critique of political economy’, according to Wikipedia, the true font of all-knowing wisdom…
  6. The Communist Manifesto
    1. See above.
  7. The Little Red Book
    1. The Chinese version of the above.
  8. Mein Kampf
    1. Hitler’s version of death and destruction via politically approved methods


That is enough. Should you remain curious, each of these books is readily available, albeit with recent blood stains. Should you wish to know, more than 200 million have died over the previous 100 years around this fragile globe in the name of such stupidity. Such ignorance. The horror. The horror.


Now I understand how these young men of Gaza can perpetrate such horrific crimes against humanity with such joy in their hearts. Death is life for them. Blood is lust. Screams are music. They are taught in their madrassas and their UN education centers and European re-education schools how to kill. They watch TV from childhood urging the joys of killing. Kill 'all' Jews, Hamas TV host urges kids | The Times of Israel. Note this story and video is from 2014. They steal and spend hundreds of millions from the US, the UN and Israel herself , funds meant for education and work and health - to build rockets, to train killers and to exterminate a race of humanity.


Our own uneducated minions of mischief have earned extra credit for their UC Berkely classes by attending re-education street sessions. They are dutifully hateful of all non-Arab inhabitants of the Levant. Expulsion and eradication are their own solutions to this ‘neocolonialism’. As if they can even spell such a word. These mental midgets instruct us with impunity, despite their ignorance of global politics, while having no idea who the president was during our own Civil War.


I feel such shame. That we have allowed the generations after us to be so poorly educated. Educere: to lead forth from ignorance. That our politicians of all stripes have continued our support for the anti-Israeli UN mafia. That we argue and equivocate about the non-niceties of these cretinous monsters. That there are so many thousands in the streets fighting for – wait for it – terror, torture and termination of a people. A people of God. Shame on us.


There can be no equivocation between acts of war and acts of genocide. Despite their ignorance of ethics, morality and justice, these creatures will inform us how to think and act.


No, I don’t think so.


Yes, I know humanity is a blood thirsty beast. We Christians performed equally horrid acts of extermination upon much of the peoples of the world for hundreds of years. As did Moslems, Incans, Chinese, Buddhists and all fanatics of faith. Young men seem to celebrate in blood. Death is a coward hiding just beneath the surface of this, our thin veil of humanity.


Shall we still hope? Shall we still hold our communal heads high? Shall we lead from the ethics of humane life?


Or shall we be stilled by the blood of martyrs? Israeli martyrs. Shall we sit idly, watching the news, wondering about tomorrow’s weather? Shall we die as we lived, in fear and ignorance?


In 1919, in the aftermath of WWI and the surging destruction of a pandemic far worse than our Wuhan, William Butler Yeats wrote a poem. A few lines therein:


                     The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst   

                Are full of passionate intensity.


He was not far wrong then and remains a soothsayer today. Only we can urge conviction to those of us with passionate intensity.


Eat wisely

Sleep well

Love with Abandon!



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